Sunday, 25 March 2012

Spring Fever and great news!

HELLO everyone! It's been a while since my last post but I have been so busy- sorry :o)

I currently have that spring fever that I am sure you are all gladly suffering from ... longer days and lighter evenings, birdsong, freshly cut grass and BBQ heaven. This week has given me back my motivation and I cannot wait to get started on some new pattern collections and illustrations. I am particularly excited at the moment as I received some excellent news on Friday. My boss has agreed to let me go part-time starting in April yippeee!! This means I will have two extra days a week to spend designing and illustrating and giving my career the push it needs. 

The image above was created as part of the fantastic Surface Pattern e Course. We were asked to create a design inspired by the 2012 Olympics. I wasn't looking forward to this challenge to be honest as I don't have much interest in sport and felt a little stranded. So I decided my design needed to be fun and full of energy and I think I've cracked it. Again I wasn't even sure of the end result as it didn't feel very "me". The design has really grown on me though and now I kind of love it. It feels really fresh and captures that sense of energy and I really hope it appeals to the teenage market. The idea was for this image to be mocked up on a t-shirt which I haven't done yet but I really think it will work. Funnily enough I've also become a little bit more energetic myself and have started running and I'll be cycling to work this week. Maybe Olympic fever is catching.

Happy Spring to you all :o)