Tuesday, 7 February 2012

Wrapping paper inspired by Tangerine Tango

Oh what fun I had creating this! It's entirely digital and symmetrical and just the kind of design I love.

This design has slightly random origins. Ever since Pantone announced Tangerine Tango as the colour of the year 2012 I was reminded of the peachy / coral coloured nail varnish all the fashionable girls have been sporting for the last few summers.

So I am referencing that colour in my design and the main motif is built from a shape that resembles a fingernail. Inspirations comes in the weirdest of guises sometimes!

The name references digits, cuticles and lollies. It's a little too cute for my liking but I think it might suit the teen market, especially as it has lol in the title.

Now I am not a girly girl at all but I must admit I'm quite tempted to go and purchase nail varnish in this colour for myself :o)