Wednesday, 16 November 2011

Recent work - Movember

I recently created a character for the creaturemag competition – Movember.

I really enjoyed this is it was a completely free brief. Lately I feel that my illustration work has been all about trying to tick boxes and pushing my style in many directions in the hope of securing an agent. Whilst doing this though, the ideas that have always made my work quirky and unique have got lost.

So with this in mind when creating this creature I decided to put no pressure on myself to achieve anything in particular. I also just went with my very first idea without pushing myself to keep trying different ideas and designs.

So that is how “Movius the Mayor of Movember” came about. The name of this piece was partly suggested by my fiancé Simon. The trumper birds (should have been trumpet birds but I left this funny spelling error in) are there to transport his fine moustache and also to announce his arrival. I had this idea in mind due to a previous illustration about a girl whose hair is so long that it must be flown along with her by a pet bird.

I just love how random this is. It’s by no means my most successful illustration but it was pure FUN! This is also the first full computer illustration I have drawn and the first computer shadow I have ever created so it was also a learning exercise.

I think this was a brilliant brief from creaturemag and I am really looking forward to seeing the work that others have created when the competition is judged. My only regret is that it occurred to me that it would have been nice to sell this character as a print and donate the proceeds to the Movember fund. There just wasn’t time though in the end. This is definitely worth considering for next year. I might contact creaturemag and see what they think.

I hope you enjoy the illo – let me know!

Loz x


  1. I like this creature !!!

    I hope you like my music video -Grow a Muzzy in Movember -

  2. Brilliant illustration, I love your creatire designs! Dave :)